recovering from surgery in an assisted living facilityrecovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

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recovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

When my mother decided to get surgery on both of her knees, we knew that it would be difficult for her to get around for a couple of weeks. We weighed the pros and cons of having her stay in my home while she recovered and did some research about her staying at an assisted living facility up the road from my place. After reading about what I would have to do for her during her recovery, we decided that the medical professionals at the assisted living facility would be best to handle it. Learn about staying at an assisted living facility for surgical recovery here on my blog.

How Can You Help Your Parent Adjust To Living In A Nursing Home?

Moving into a nursing home facility is a major life change. Some seniors adjust well to the move, while others struggle. If your parent is having a difficult time adjusting, here are a few ways you can help him or her adjust.   Establish a Visitation Schedule  One of the reasons that seniors have difficulty in adjusting to the move to a nursing home is a fear that friends and family will not visit them as much. Read More 

Are Your Elderly Parents Insisting On Remaining In Their Home? How You Can Make It Safer

If you have parents that are getting on in years, you may find yourself starting to worry and stress about their physical health and well-being. While this may lead you to think about the possibility of your parents moving into a senior independent living apartment or condo community or another type of care facility, your parents may prefer to stay in their home. In fact, they might even insist upon it. Read More 

Three Food-Related Issues You Need To Explore When Making A Decision About Assisted Living

If your senior loved one is no longer experiencing a good quality of life in his or her independent living situation, it may be time to give assisted living a try. The best assisted living communities combine the best of both worlds — seniors retain as much independence as possible while receiving the customized help they need in order to be safe and happy. However, making the decision to move to an assisted living residence can be an anxiety producing process. Read More 

Parent Have Dementia? Two Reasons Why They Should Move To An Assisted Living Facility

Watching a parent battle Alzheimer's or dementia can be absolutely heartbreaking.  It can be so difficult to watch the person who raised you cycle through the different emotions and states that dementia brings on.  If you're currently dealing with this situation, you may be at a loss concerning what to do.  You have your own family or career responsibilities and can't be with your parent as much as you would like to. Read More 

Medicaid Can Help With Some Zika-Related Costs

Although Zika was first identified in 1947 in Africa, most people in the United States were unaware of the virus until recently. It was originally thought that the virus was fairly innocuous, as most people who came down with the disease had only mild symptoms, while others experienced no symptoms at all. But then around 2015, a large outbreak occurred in Brazil, and health authorities in that country soon noticed an alarming trend -- a growing number of babies were being born with a very serious condition known as microcephaly. Read More