recovering from surgery in an assisted living facilityrecovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

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recovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

When my mother decided to get surgery on both of her knees, we knew that it would be difficult for her to get around for a couple of weeks. We weighed the pros and cons of having her stay in my home while she recovered and did some research about her staying at an assisted living facility up the road from my place. After reading about what I would have to do for her during her recovery, we decided that the medical professionals at the assisted living facility would be best to handle it. Learn about staying at an assisted living facility for surgical recovery here on my blog.

Which Caregiver Is Right For Your Home?

If you are trying to find the right in-home caregiver for your loved one, then you might not be sure what kind of professional is the right choice. There are plenty of providers, including nurses and therapists, who can help you with the resources you need to care for your loved one.

If you are still trying to choose the right in-home caregiver, here are some of the options you should consider.

Personal Care Aides

A personal care aide is one of the most beneficial in-home caregivers for those who need extra help. These professionals help individuals who are seniors or who have disabilities or illnesses and require some assistance with daily living.

Personal aides can help with housekeeping duties, like laundry, dishes, meal preparation, dressing, bathing, and more. In some cases, they also provide assistance with transportation.

Home Health Aides

A home health aide can provide companionship, housekeeping assistance, transportation, personal care, and more. Plus, home health aides can spot potential health issues your loved one may be having so that they can get help as soon as possible.

In-Home Registered Nurses

A registered nurse, or RN, can also provide professional care for those who need more intensive medical assistance at home. They can help with specific medical treatments that your loved one might need.

RNs can also help if your loved one recently had surgery or got out of the hospital because of a serious medical condition. An RN can also provide an individual with rehabilitation, including exercise, medication, and nutritional help.

In-Home Physical & Occupational Therapists

Physical therapists can also make in-home visits. These professionals can provide help for people who have recently come home from the hospital after a surgery or injury. Physical therapists help people move safely, which means they can help seniors with rehabilitation at home.

Then, there are in-home occupational therapists, who visit the home to provide assistance for individuals who need some assistance with personal care. Occupational therapists help people learn to provide their own care by performing necessary tasks. For instance, occupational therapists can help patients take care of personal grooming tasks after hospitalization.

Meet With In-Home Caregivers Today

Are you ready to choose the right caregiver for your loved one? Contact an in-home provider, such as Concierge Senior Care Management Services, to learn more. With the proper in-home personal care, your loved ones can get the quality care they deserve.