recovering from surgery in an assisted living facilityrecovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

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recovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

When my mother decided to get surgery on both of her knees, we knew that it would be difficult for her to get around for a couple of weeks. We weighed the pros and cons of having her stay in my home while she recovered and did some research about her staying at an assisted living facility up the road from my place. After reading about what I would have to do for her during her recovery, we decided that the medical professionals at the assisted living facility would be best to handle it. Learn about staying at an assisted living facility for surgical recovery here on my blog.

Medicaid Can Help With Some Zika-Related Costs

Although Zika was first identified in 1947 in Africa, most people in the United States were unaware of the virus until recently. It was originally thought that the virus was fairly innocuous, as most people who came down with the disease had only mild symptoms, while others experienced no symptoms at all. But then around 2015, a large outbreak occurred in Brazil, and health authorities in that country soon noticed an alarming trend -- a growing number of babies were being born with a very serious condition known as microcephaly. Read More 

Ways To Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease - Even If It Runs In Your Family

Alzheimer's disease, or AD, affects over five million people in the United States alone. While family history can definitely play a role in your risk of inheriting the disease, there are a number of ways to slow or stop the progression of AD in many healthy adults. The following guide provides an overview of some ways you may be able to keep your brain healthy and your cognitive functions intact, even if AD runs in your family. Read More 

5 Transportation Issues to Consider When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility

There are many factors that may affect when you decide to live at an assisted living facility and which assisted living facility you choose to live in. Your medical needs, your level of independence, and the general atmosphere of the facility should all be primary factors. However, one important aspect that you might fail to consider is what type of transportation the facility you are considering offers. Below are five issues regarding transportation that you should be sure to ask about before committing to an assisted living facility. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Your Recovery After Hip Replacement

If you are scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery, you may have a lot of questions about your recovery. Recovering from a hip replacement surgery takes time, but you might be able to regain full usage of your legs and hip within a few months if you take the right steps. Staying at a short-term rehabilitation center is probably the best option to plan for if you want to heal quickly; however, you could also choose just to go home and recover there. Read More