recovering from surgery in an assisted living facilityrecovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

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recovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

When my mother decided to get surgery on both of her knees, we knew that it would be difficult for her to get around for a couple of weeks. We weighed the pros and cons of having her stay in my home while she recovered and did some research about her staying at an assisted living facility up the road from my place. After reading about what I would have to do for her during her recovery, we decided that the medical professionals at the assisted living facility would be best to handle it. Learn about staying at an assisted living facility for surgical recovery here on my blog.

Living A Comfortable & Independent Life As A Senior

Becoming a senior might come with the advantage of being able to retire, but it often comes with numerous problems as well. For instance, it isn't uncommon for someone to develop health problems when they reach the elderly years in life. Some health problems lead to you having to rely on other people to take care of the things that are generally needed each day, such as running errands to pay utility bills. If you have a few health problems and have been relying on family for assistance, moving into an assisted living community might give you some independence back. Read the content below for more information about assisted living communities and why they are ideal for seniors.

Your Home Will Have Several Helpful Features

Living independently as a senior can be complicated if you live in a house that isn't equipped with safety features. For example, if you are suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, or another condition that makes bones weak, it is likely difficult to walk around without feeling pain. An assisted living community, like those represented at, might make living with such conditions easier, as there will be safety bars around the home that you can grab when necessary. Homes in an assisted living community are also commonly designed with wheelchair ramps and larger doorways than the average home. The features available can reduce the need for you to call on family, which is why you will feel more independent.

Health Professionals Will Be Available

You will never have to worry about facing an emergency health problem without being able to get prompt help if you move to an assisted living community. The reason why is because there will always be health professionals that you can call during emergencies so they can assist with your needs. The health assistance will also be available if you have a non-emergency need, such as help taking your medication. Don't worry about the health professionals intruding on your privacy, as they will only come around when you request the assistance. However, you can request that they check up on you on occasion if it is desired.

You Can Run Errands Without Calling Family

Living at an assisted living community is ideal if you are unable to drive and don't like asking family to transport you around all the time. An assisted living community will have transportation available that you can use for running errands. There will likely be a van and a driver for your transportation needs. Keep in mind that you will still be able to go places with your family as well.