recovering from surgery in an assisted living facilityrecovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

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recovering from surgery in an assisted living facility

When my mother decided to get surgery on both of her knees, we knew that it would be difficult for her to get around for a couple of weeks. We weighed the pros and cons of having her stay in my home while she recovered and did some research about her staying at an assisted living facility up the road from my place. After reading about what I would have to do for her during her recovery, we decided that the medical professionals at the assisted living facility would be best to handle it. Learn about staying at an assisted living facility for surgical recovery here on my blog.

4 Benefits Of Taking Your Loved One To An Assisted Living Facility

There are many reasons people opt to take their loved ones to an assisted facility. It may be due to illness or old age, or you might want professionals to take good care of them. Generally, this is usually the last option for some people, but it comes with many incredible benefits. Here are compelling reasons to consider assisted living facilities.

1. Residents Are Assisted With Their Daily Activities

People living in an assisted living facility live independently. However, they require help with their daily activities such as laundry, housekeeping, dressing, bathing, medical supervision, or transportation to their appointments. Assisted living facilities have trained staff to provide these services. They focus on the unique needs of every individual. For example, if a resident is ill, they can call a health care provider for medical attention.

2. They Are Safe and Secure

Assisted living facilities are built with safety features that residents can use during emergencies. The safety features also prevent accidents and injuries. For example, they have handrails, flat thresholds, and ramps to help enhance mobility. The restrooms have raised toilets and walk-in showers fitted with grip bars to reduce the risk of bathroom falls. They also have alarm systems and competent security personnel who provide security from break-ins, hence giving them peace of mind. Besides, disaster management plans and trained personnel can also intervene to enhance safety.

3. They Break the Monotony of Staying at Home

Residents at the assisted living facilities can engage in various social activities. Depending on the residents' conditions, they can take part in the daily, weekly, or monthly. This keeps the residents' minds and bodies healthy. These activities include local book clubs where residents discuss among themselves, shared gardens that give them the chance to spend time outside together, music classes that teach them new dancing skills, and movie nights while enjoying snacks. These activities help create lasting relationships among residents and staff. They also pick up new interests and try them out. With all these activities, residents don't get lonely or bored.

4. Access to Healthy Food and Exercise

As much as residents in assisted living facilities live independently, preparing a balanced meal or hitting the gym can be difficult in a private residence. Assisted living facilities have dining areas that offer well-balanced meals prepared by chefs who make varieties of meals from which residents can choose. They also have supervised exercise programs that are appropriate for their age. These routine work-outs help them stay healthy and live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Knowing that someone dear to you is comfortable and happy can give you peace of mind. Therefore, you should consider taking your aging parents to an assisted living facility to give them the physical and psychological fulfillment they deserve. Choose a reliable and reputable facility for the best experience. For more information, contact an assisted living facility near you.